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Ain't no party like a custom party.

A custom design experience is tailored to YOU. We’re not just painting the house… we’re building it. Want the big kitchen and the sun room with the view? Not a problem. 

BFFs 4 Life

I’m not a robot or a random operator at customer service center… Whether we launched your website six hours ago OR six years ago, I’m just an email away. Need new work done? Having issues? Or just need some tech-y advice? I got you.

Boss Level

My #1 goal beyond creating a website you love is YOU being able to run your online business LIKE A BOSS. ‘Cause that’s what you are. I’ve got a whole stash of custom tutorials & videos where I personally walk you through everything you need to learn to manage and expand your site (don’t mind the accent in the videos, I’m about as Southern as you can get). And I don’t just cover what we’ve built— I am constantly adding resources and tutorials to help you learn add-on services that you may use to grow your business (Mailchimp, Canva, Asset Resources… you name it). If I don’t have a tutorial for what you need or you need something more detailed— I’ll make one.


How soon can we get started?
That totally depends on the type of your project, my current workload, and the time it takes to get all of our prep work done. If you need something NOW, be sure to let me know in your quote request so that I can figure out our best options.
How long does it take?
Project times vary based on prep work, revision work, and content. Typically, website projects take 8 weeks while branding projects take 2-3 weeks.
What are the ongoing costs of my website?
Your domain (annually), hosting (annually, monthly), and any premium services that you may need (newsletter services, booking systems, etc). As always, if you need any help with the above– picking out your domain, finding a good host– I am more than happy to help.
What about the payment plan?
I typically ask for around 50% of the project estimate at the time of booking. This deposit/retainer serves to hold valuable calendar space. The remainder is due before your site is installed on your host/server. Exceptions: projects under $600 are billed in full upfront, while payments for large projects can be split into multiple installments as needed.
Will I be able to make changes on my own?
THIS. My goal is to create a site that is super easy for you to maintain, edit, and even build upon on your own. I use a great visual builder framework with your custom theme so that editing is super fun. I provide lots of video tutorials to help you learn the system (as well as tutorials for various systems, plugins, and programs that you may use). And I am always here to answer questions and/or point you in the right direction to learn.
What if I need your help after launch?
You + Me? We are totally BFFS now! Seriously, though, I consider our working relationship to be eternal and ongoing. Whenever you need something, simply reach out. After launch, you’ll qualify for my discounted current client rate.
Once we book, we both have a bit of homework to do! I’ll typically send you off to Pinterest to put together an inspiration board. I’ll ask you to add anything and everything that ‘speaks’ to your style to your board— does that picture of a pillowcase spark joy? ADD IT. My job is to go through your board and any inspirational sites you’ve provided and find the common threads so that I can create YOU. While you’re doing that, I’ll be doing a bit of peer research to see what’s working and what’s not for your business niche so that we have the tools to make you thrive.
We tackle branding first! Once we’ve got our brand ready to go, I’ll get to work on our test site. This will be a fully functioning site with your content (or sample content if needed) for us to play with and tweak until you are happy. We’ll handle all of our page layouts & templates as well as site workflow. Once everything is looking & behaving as it should, we’ll get in all of your photos and initial content and prep for launch!
After our test site is PERFECT. We’ll start our install & launch process. We’ll get everything set-up on your host/server (I’ll help with domain and hosting set-up if needed as well) and get all of our integrations handled (optins, social media, etc) so you are ready to go with a simple push of a button! At install, you’ll also receive your GETTING STARTED GUIDE! This covers your logins, my custom video tutorials, all of your assets, as well as my custom resource guides.
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Let’s level you up. Take the step. Push the button. Rock the casbah.
I love learning new things… got an idea that ‘hasn’t been done yet’? Wanna make that square fit in that circle? I got you.

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