what’cha got cooking? whatever it is… JSD is here to help. consider this your go to place for fresh & creative ‘out of the box’ (no cookie cutters, here) web, print, and blog designs. i specialize in unique and easy to maintain web design for bloggers and small businesses— all served up with a side of awesome.


what i can do to help:


You’ve got to have a gimmick, right? Let JudithShakes Designs help you put your brand on the world. I’ll work with you to create everything that you need to get your voice heard.


Your business is awesome. Your website should be too. I love small businesses here at JSD (heck, I AM a small business!), and I’d love to come in and help you make your website as awesome as you are. JudithShakes Designs will work with you to create an appealing and useful website that keeps your customers engaged and, most importantly, interested.


Let’s get your brand out there— business cards, brochures, letterheads, coffee mugs (we love our coffee mugs), cd covers, e-books, and more, I’ve got you covered.


customization, hosting, copy, development, wordpress ninja-ing, photoshopping, social media strategy & planning, newsletter design, advice, tips & tricks, printables, and expert level coffee drinking.

Testimonials for JudithShakes Designs

“This is the second time I’ve hired Courtney to design and develop a website for me.  Courtney is an absolute pleasure to work with.  Her prices are extremely competitive and her work is top-notch.  She will go out of her way to help in any way possible.  She really has a knack for taking an idea and turning that vision into exactly what you want in a website.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.”



Plate Full of Grace Project
Pickle & Peach Project
Enlightened Living Project
Seales Advisory Solutions Project
Meet Courtney

My name is Courtney… but most people call me ‘Judith’ and I’m totally cool with that. I am the head designer/guru/lady of the lake around these parts.

I am full-time (and then some) mom of three and graphic & web designer out of Ocean Springs, Mississippi. I like coffee, expensive shoes, chocolate, folk music, trashy romance novels, and specialize in fun & fantastic web, blog, and print designs that help your brand jump out of the crowd and into the minds of your readers and customers.

My goal? Create something awesome for you… but not just awesome… something that is YOU and YOURS.

We’ve all heard the phrase: don’t fix what isn’t broken… And it totally applies here. Every business niche has a holy grail of things that just WORK. Things that convert visitors to clients, browsers to shoppers. We (you and I– because, like peanut butter and bananas, we’re better together) are going to take advantage of all of those things that we already know work (hey health coach– you really need an optin right here kind of thing), throw in some elbow grease and pixie dust, and create something unique.

But how do you get uniqueness out of ‘standard’, you ask? Well, my awesome friend, that’s what I love to do:  help you find your voice. A style all your own. That awesome magical thing that is distinctly YOU that turns the common into something your clients and customers won’t forget: A BRAND THAT WORKS.

Wanna see what we can do together? Hit me up. (I’ll even let you be the peanut butter.)

*P.S. the word ‘awesome’ is used 8 times on this page. that’s because it’s my favorite word and my business philosophy. which you have to admit is pretty… well… awesome.*
Courtney Hebert, Web Design


For anyone needing a super amazing website designer who is also great at branding… [Courtney] is super responsive, has tremendous attention to detail, and has wow’d me EACH time I’ve hired her to do any of my sites. You will thank me.

I just wanted to let you know how much I love my site. You really made it into something that I was dreaming of. My traffic is better than ever, my bounce rate is up, and chart sales are higher. I just wanted to let you know what a bad ass job you did. Thank you again!

Desiree Antila,


Lazboy of Arizona Project
The Southern Well Being Project
Schoolhouse Escapes Project
Sneaker Headquarters Project