Hi! I’m Courtney. I’d like to help make your brand & website as awesome as you are! I am full-time (and then some) mom of three and graphic & web designer out of Ocean Springs, Mississippi (this means that I say ‘y’all’ a lot and all of my tutorial videos have a nice southern drawl to them).

I have been helping small businesses, bloggers, and retail companies launch thriving & highly converting websites for over 12 years– with a strong focus on easily maintained systems that allow clients to manage & grow their businesses without the need to constantly hire outside help.

I use words like 'totally' & 'Awesome'... Like... A Lot. Probably more than is healthy.
My Favorite Movie is 'Almost Famous'... But I Use quotes from 'Tombstone' & 'Mean Girls' on the daily
I read a book a day. Sometimes two. My kindle reading streak is the stuff of legends, I tell you.
JudithShakes is a reference to virginia woolf's judith shakespeare. There's a good story there, promise.

some love

“I cannot recommend working with Courtney at Judith Shakes Designs enough! She absolutely nailed my vision from a design perspective, she was incredibly easy to work with and always quick to respond. Courtney made the entire process of launching a website so incredibly easy! I could not be more thrilled with the design & development of my website.”

Jordan Strobeck

“I was talking to a [potential client], who was meticulously checking my company before hiring me, and he said, “I looked at your website. Very impressive. Very, very well done.” I keep getting that reaction. I think they all go to the website thinking I’m just some fly by night, one-page-website hack who’s trying to make a little spare change. *eye roll* They are always shocked by the amazingness of the website!! I need to shout your praises! This is the second one in a week who has commented on the “awesomeness” of my website!!! *huge hug* Thank you for making my business look so good!!!!”

Dana Martin

“I have been working with Courtney for about 6 years now, and she’s built three different websites for me. She makes everything so simple! From the beginning of the process where I’m envisioning and dreaming up what I want it to look like, Courtney simplifies the entire process and it always ends up looking like exactly what I imagine it will, but even better! I’ve asked her before if she has access to the inside of my mind, because her finished product is always so perfect and exactly what I’ve asked for.

Courtney is always timely and keeps me informed on where she is in the design and build of the website, and she also provides the best customer service and technical support, always knowing exactly where to send me or how to guide me so that I can also learn while getting any questions I have answered. I 100% can say I’m more better with my website management and upkeep because of all I’ve learned from Courtney.

I have zero hesitations recommending Courtney to anyone and everyone I know! I know she will give them exactly what they want.”

Elizabeth Finch

“Just wanted to say thank you for designing our website. We have received so many compliments and I’m always like “yep, wasn’t me, it was her”. We’re so proud of it and I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate you being a master of your craft. Hiring you was one of the most successful business decisions I’ve ever made. Thank you!”

Trevor Seales

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Let’s level you up. Take the step. Push the button. Rock the casbah.

Why hire a designer like me? Because once we start working together, I am always just an email away… it doesn’t matter if we launched your website six hours ago or six years ago— I’m here to help you with problems or to teach you new tricks. BFFs forever, yo.


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