small business web design

Your business is awesome. Your website should be too. I love small businesses here at JSD (heck, I AM a small business!), and I’d love to come in and help you make your website as awesome as you are. JudithShakes Designs will work with you to create an appealing and useful website that keeps your customers engaged and, most importantly, interested.

Custom Blog Design

Everybody and their mama has a blog these days… And why wouldn’t they? Blogging has become the bread and butter and most beloved hobby for thousands upon thousands of people. So… how are you going to stand out from the masses? Great content, of course. But since you’ve got that covered, you’re going to need an AWESOME design.

Custom Logo & Print

You’ve got to have a gimmick, right? Let JudithShakes Designs help you put your brand on the world. From professional logo design to business cards, brochures, letterheads, coffee mugs (we love our coffee mugs), cd covers, e-books, and more, I’ve got you covered.

ecommerce solutions

So you’ve got something to sell, eh? I’d love to help you with that! From one awesome product to a whole boutique full, I can put together an eye-catching and awesome e-commerce solution that’s easy for your customers to navigate (which leads to the cha-ching) and easy for you to maintain and update on your own.