My name is Courtney

but most people call me ‘Judith’ and I’m totally cool with that. I am the head designer/guru/lady of the lake around these parts.

I am full-time (and then some) mom of three and graphic & web designer out of Ocean Springs, Mississippi. I like coffee, expensive shoes, chocolate, folk music, trashy romance novels, and the science of being different.

I specialize in fun & fantastic web, blog, and print designs that help your brand jump out of the crowd and into the minds of your readers and customers.

Wanna see what I can do for you? ‘Course you do:

courtney hebert // owner & designer

known aliases: judith, mom, mama, mother of dragons, girl with her head in the book, gold-card-carrying starbucks customer

Sound good? AWESOME. Let's get started.

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*The word ‘awesome’ is used 6 times on the home page.

That’s because it’s my favorite word AND my business philosophy.

Which you have to admit is pretty… well… awesome.


It's totally random... but full of awesome things like promo codes, tips & tricks, news, and cool products. You'll love it. Really.

Yep. It's official. You're AWESOME.